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    Welcome to Water Camel

    Most Trusted Company

    The Water Camel team will handle all of the setup required. We will deliver your water system straight to your premises and provide you with professional installation so that everything is set correctly and so that you have the chance to ask us any questions about using the system.

    Then, you’ll be able to use your workplace water cooler or purification system straight away. If you experience any issues with your product, contact our team for advice and repairs. We will also take care of all the general maintenance and servicing needed to keep your product and the quality of your drinking water – in excellent condition.


    • No ordering of bottles
    • No storing heavy bottles
    • No lifting or injuries

    Easy as 1,2,3

    • Pour tap water
    • Water is filtered and purified
    • Pure filtered water(hot or cold)


    • All servicing
    • Filter replacements
    • Cleaning of equipment
    • Thermostat check and adjustment
    • All parts and labour
    • Unlimited healthy water

    Popular Products

    D10 Series

    The latest addition to our range, the D10 series with it’s stylish look will compliment any home, office or reception area.

    White High Gloss cabinet

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    D19 Series

    The D19 series is a modern twist on the D19 Series. With the same functionality and reliability, the D19 is another favorite amongst bottled water and

    filter bottle suppliers.

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    D19 Series

    The latest addition to our range, the D19 series with it’s stylish look will compliment any home, office or reception area.

    White High Gloss cabinet

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    D25 Series

    The latest addition to our range, the D25 series with it’s stylish look will compliment any home, office or reception area.

    Black/Stainless look cabinet

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    Big Yellow Lighter

    We are so sorry you had a bad experience with us, we would appreciate some more feedback so that we can address the problem! If you have a minute please send us an email and we will do whatever we can to rectify the situation.

    Anneli Morrison

    Great products and amazing customer service!

    Anthony boras

    Excellent service and a great product, would highly recommend!

    Alex Stock-Haanstra

    Very responsive and helpful. We were having issues with the cooler and had a function in the evening. They came out and fixed the issue within 1 hour - EXCELLENT!

    harsha lakshmipuram

    We use this product in our office. Highly recommended. Friendly service, Excellent choice and Knowledgeable staff.

    Dandenong Oasis

    They offer great service at very competitive rates.

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    Crystal Clear

    We can save you up to 70% of your spring water cost. Available Melbourne wide, our hot and cold water dispenser for offices and other residential or commercial spaces are an affordable and functional solution for ensuring your employees and guests have access to the freshest quality of water possible. You do not need to buy and store bottled water or water tanks or spend a small fortune on a crazy, advanced water filter installation when you rent an easy-to-use water cooler from Water Camel for as long as you need.

    Advance Water Filtration


    • Chlorine and Chemicals
    • Colour, Taste and odour
    • Organic Impurities
    • Heavy metals
    • Bacteriostatic