Bottled Coolers

B10 Series

The B10 series is a modern twist on the B5 Series. With the same functionality and reliability the B10 is another favorite amongst bottled water and filter bottle suppliers.

B19 Series

The latest addition to our range, the B19 series with it’s stylish look will compliment any home, office or reception area. Black/Stainless look cabinet

B5 Series

The B5 series bottled water cooler is the most reliable bottled water cooler on the market. Renowned for reliability, the B5 series is the favourite choice for a rental fleet.

Glacier Black

Available in White or Black. Round, molded cabinet. Choose from Cool/Cold or Hot/Cold.

Avalanche Bench top

Fits neatly on a kitchen or office. Available in hot/cold or cool/cold.

SB19 Series Bench top

Available in Cool/Cold or Hot/Cold Choice of bench top or floor standing Black/Stainless look cabinet

SB5 Series Bench top

The most reliable bench top bottled water cooler on the market
Choice of Cool/Cold or Hot/Cold