Why Water Purification Systems Are Better For You and For The Environment

Pretty much everyone has seen a water purification system before and yet, there are many who still aren’t convinced as to why they should be investing in such a product. If you’re one of these people, you’ve come to the right place. We’re to tell you why you should consider renting a water purification system and how it’ll help change your life.

Eliminate The Use Of Plastic Bottles

This is an obvious one; renting  a water purification system allows you to remove plastic water bottles from your life. We’ve all heard stories about the state of our environment and why plastic can have a hugely negative effect on the planet. When they’re left to decompose, they release toxins into the air and when they’re left in water streams, the plastic contaminates our water.

Other than the effect of plastic water bottles on our environment, they also have a significant impact on human health. Plastic water bottles may contain bisphenol A or more popularly known as BPAs. BPAs are dangerous because they can mimic hormones in your body and as such, they can affect your body’s estrogen levels. BPAs may also cause cancer in some individuals. To avoid all of this tragedy, you’re better off using water purification systems.

You Can Drink Fluoride-Free Water

There are a lot of rumours out there regarding the safety of fluoride in our water. If you’ve seen the news in the last few years, scientists and doctors alike are debating the effects of excessive fluoride on the human body. Here’s what we know so far about getting too much fluoride.

  • It can cause dental fluorosis.
  • It can cause thyroid problems.
  • It may contribute to stomach and digestive issues
  • It may cause birth defects due to fluoride toxicity

The reason fluoride in water may have a negative impact on your health is if you likely have a lot of fluoride in your toothpaste already. Things like dental fluorosis are present in individuals who have consumed too much fluoride. In some cases, people have experienced tooth damaged due to excessive fluoride consumption.

You Can Avoid Disinfectants and Mineral Additives

Balance is the key to everything. There’s nothing wrong with having water with minerals in it. That said, there is a problem when the human body is ingesting too many minerals. We already spoke a little bit about this in the previous section; however, there is something else about usual tap water that you should be paying attention to – you may be drinking disinfectants.

Depending on the town you live in and water regulations, you can be drinking small amounts of disinfectants like chlorine. Usually, this is used to remove impurities or bacteria in the water as chemicals like chlorine are added into the water with the idea that it is safer to use it than to not use it. Now, you might be wondering how you can avoid your consumption of disinfectants and mineral additives. The answer is simple – use a water filter or purification system to get clearer and cleaner water!


Everyone likes to think that they drink water to be healthy, but do you know what’s really in your water? With added items like fluoride and disinfectant like chlorine, you might not be drinking the water you want to be drinking.

The best alternative we can provide you with is to simply rent a high quality water purification system. This will ensure that you’re drinking pure water and that your health is being taken into account. If you have any questions about water purification systems, let us know! We’re more than happy to answer your questions.