6 Good Reasons to Have a Water Filter System at Work

How often do you drink water in a day? Everyone has an opinion on the amount of water you should drink but the bottom line is that you need water to survive.

The type of water that you drink is important. If it’s not from a natural source, you must filter it before drinking it. Thanks to water filter systems, you don’t have to go through the trouble. Here are six good reasons to have a water filter system at work.

1. It Helps Save on Money

Many people who work away from home buy bottled water. They believe that it’s safer to drink than tap water.

That might be the case, but they don’t consider the negative impact that bottled water has on their finances. If you work five days a week and buy water every single one of those days, let’s say bottled water is $2 per bottle (which is considerably cheaper than what many will spend!), think about how much money you spend in a month.

A water filter system saves you the hassle of buying water. It provides you with clean water whenever you need it at absolutely no cost.

2. It Reduces the Number of Sick Days

At least 35% of gastrointestinal illness is water-related. That’s the threat that unfiltered water poses. It may appear clean, and many employees assume the risk. In the long run, they affect their physical and mental health.

Water filter systems eliminate the bacteria and viruses that cause these diseases, thus keeping your employees healthy.

3. It Boosts Productivity at the Office

Employees waste a lot of precious time when they go and refill their bottles with tap water. In most offices, taps are located in the washroom or outside the organization. This puts a strain on their productivity.

Thanks to the conveniently-placed water filter systems, they can take less than a minute to get a drink, therefore maximizing their productivity and the wellbeing of your organization.

4. It Saves the Environment

Apart from helping people save money, a water filter system does wonders to the environment as well.

Some people throw their garbage on the streets. This contributes to environmental degradation. Your employees won’t have to buy bottled water because of water filter systems. This way, they help in keeping the environment tidy.

5. It Engages Your Employees and Improves Workplace Culture

Employees can gather around at the water filter system and talk. This helps in boosting their morale. It also helps them to decompress and share ideas with members from other departments and make new friends.

Such gatherings also improve workplace culture by providing employees with the opportunity to interact with their supervisors and upper management on a casual level.

6. Water From It is Sweeter

Packets and bottles in which most people pack water affect the taste of the water. Especially on hot days, water from these sources is warm and has an unpleasant plastic taste.

On the other hand, a water filter system is located in a cool place, the office, which enables them to provide cool water always. They only remove some bacterial contaminants and other impurities from water without affecting its rich and refreshing taste, for your benefit and that of your employees too.

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