B10 Series

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The B10 series is a modern twist on the B5 Series. With the same functionality and reliability the B10 is another favorite amongst bottled water and filter bottle suppliers.

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B19 Series

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The latest addition to our range, the B19 series with it’s stylish look will compliment any home, office or reception area. Black/Stainless look cabinet

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B5 Series


The B5 series bottled water cooler is the most reliable bottled water cooler on the market. Renowned for reliability, the B5 series is the favourite choice for a rental fleet.

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Glacier Black

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Available in White or Black. Round, molded cabinet. Choose from Cool/Cold or Hot/Cold. 

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Avalanche Bench top


Fits neatly on a kitchen or office. Available in hot/cold or cool/cold.

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SB19 Series Bench top

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Available in Cool/Cold or Hot/Cold
Choice of bench top or floor standing
Black/Stainless look cabinet


SB5 Series Bench top

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The most reliable bench top bottled water cooler on the market
Choice of Cool/Cold or Hot/Cold